Microsoft just released an update to the Photos app on Windows 10 today. Accordingly, the Photos application updates some new features, allowing to focus on 1 specific person in Story Remix.

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The Story Remix feature was first announced last May and first appeared in the Photos app on the update The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update was released last October. This feature allows users to select a collection of photos and videos to merge into a short movie.

ung dung photos cap nhat mot so tinh nang moi

The Photos app is updated with some new features

However, now users can choose a person in the movie. Story Remix will select clips that focus on that person, so you can highlight a specific person at their birthday party, etc.

– Download Photos for Windows 10 here: Download Photos

To use this new feature, you choose a collection of photos and videos to merge into a short movie as you always would. Then select the images and videos you want to use, then click Remix it for me and choose the story you like. Once done, click Choose a star and Story Remix will select videos focused on that person.

The Photos app updates with several new features that are now available to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users. For Windows users, this will be a big improvement to make it easier for them to create memorable photos and movies.
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