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There is no shortage of reasons to decide to delete the Facebook fanpage on your phone or computer. With deleting Facebook fanpage on computer, it must be very simple, right, because most often manage Facebook fanpage on computer more. However, for those who want to manage Facebook fanpage well on their phones, the following feature is indispensable.

cach xoa fanpage facebook tren dien thoai

How to delete a page created on Facebook

Moreover, through this article, Software will help you better understand about deleting Facebook fanpage on your phone as well as its modes after you delete Facebook fanpage, how long this deletion will be carried out so that the deletor himself can clearly identify.

The content of the article:
1. How to delete fb page on iPhone.
2. How to delete FB fanpage on Android phone.

1. How to delete Facebook fanpage on iPhone

Step 1: First, go to the normal Facebook application, but we will click on the 3-dash icon (Figure 1) and then click on “ x Your Page” (Figure 2).

Cach xoa trang da tao tren Facebook

Step 2: Immediately after that, click on the page you want to delete (Figure 3). In the upper right corner, click the settings icon (Figure 4).

Cach xoa trang fb tren iPhone

Step 3: Here, click “General Settings” (Figure 5) and then in the Uninstall section, click “Delete…” (Fig. 6).

Cach xoa trang tren fb 2021

Step 4: Click “Delete page” as shown below.

Cach xoa lien ket trang tren Facebook

Facebook still gives us 14 days to redecide and cancel the deletion, to cancel the deletion you just need to access the software‘s tutorial at the end of the article

2. How to delete Facebook fanpage on Android phone

Step 1: Similar to an iPhone when you can delete Facebook fanpage on Android phone with the same way. First go to your fanpage and then click on “… See also” (Fig. 1) and scroll down, click “Install” (Fig. 2).Cach pha Page tren Facebook

Step 2: Then you continue to select “General Settings” (Fig. 3). Next, click “Permanently delete…” (Fig. 4).

Cach xoa bai viet tren trang page tren dien thoai

Step 3: You click “Delete page” and you‘re done.

Cach xoa trang Facebook 2021

Deleting this Facebook fanpage will have to wait for 14 days, during which time you can cancel at any time by visiting the end of this article. Time, you want to create another Facebook fanpage, refer to the steps to create a Facebook fanpage that we have guided.

Above is how to help you delete Facebook fanpage on iPhone and Android phones. Deleting Facebook fanpage on your phone is as simple as on your computer. But what is more important is that you need to consider carefully before deleting the Facebook fanpage on your phone or computer. If you don‘t use it, you can also leave it without much effect.
And in case you want to restore the deleted Facebook fanpage above, it is very simple because it is quite similar to how you delete it. Refer to the guide restore the Facebook fanpage here.